What is the Outsourcing Conundrum all about?

For the past few decades, companies have turned more and more to outsourcing non-core activities in order to establish a competitive advantage. A growing trend in outsourcing is “inside-outsourcing,” where a supplier performs services involving a high level of interaction with both their customer’s employees and customers.

The proximity between the customer’s workforce and the service provider adds a level of complexity to successful service delivery. As the trend towards inside-outsourcing grows—both those who supply and those who buy desperately need to align on the larger, strategic business reasons and purpose for why a service is being outsourced. A company’s ability to choose the right partners to outsource to, is critical to their longer-term ability to be competitive.

The Outsourcing Conundrum provides a proven model, a step-by-step path, to aligning those who delivery services to a customer’s purpose for outsourcing, gaining a true, lasting competitive advantage by building strong partnerships with their customers.

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