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Damian Scallon is currently a consultant working and living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Prior to becoming a writer and consultant, he was the Vice President of Operations and Vice President of Human Resources at Robinson Solutions and at Voith Industrial Services, with responsibility for several hundred locations throughout Canada, USA, and Mexico. He has spent the last 40 years servicing the automotive industry, and has witnessed and participated in the growth of inside-outsourcing.

Damian’s Forté is the design and modeling of systems and processes that align those who do the work with the strategic reasoning for why the work is important to both the company and the customer. He has facilitated and led the strategic direction and workforce alignment of many profit and not-for-profit organizations.

Damian is a student of business, and has attended many universities in his continual search for solutions to problems that face today’s businesses. Damian has been a long time contributor to Pathway Guidance products and services.

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Damian is a consultant and writer focusing on inside-outsourcing. Previously, he was the VP of Operations for hundreds of locations throughout Canada USA & Mexico.