Part 3 | People | “Who”

The service provider’s people are critical to the successful delivery of the outsourced services. The people provide the judgment on what gets done, how it gets done, when it gets done, and what can be done to improve it. Without people, there is no service. This is not complicated; it’s very simple. Ironic as it may be, it is probably one of the largest unattended ingredients within the service-provider base. In the service industry, there are two categories of people: the service providers’ teams who deliver on the services, and the customers who receive the services. The interaction, motivation, and harmony between these two groups will lead down one of two paths: poor service experience with minimal value, or excellent service experience with exceptional value.

Identify and evaluate the people and organization, key to delivering on the stated purpose.

“If we wish performance we must instill, expectations, accountability and consequences.”


Identify and attract targeted people to your organization’s targeted positions.

“If we do not see the target, how can we hope to hit the target?”


Identify the critical training requirements for each targeted position in your organization.

“To run a good race, I need to be able to see the lines on the track.”


Identify recognition targets for each position in your organization.

“Gratitude is the fuel to ready me for the next race, and the one after that.”


Identify the assessment target for each position in your organization.

“How can I run faster, if I do not know how fast I have ran.”