Part 2 | Process | “How”

Every service offering needs to be delivered via a structured mechanical method or process, a delivery system designed to create predictability and reliability so the service provider can engage it’s team in continuous improvement.

Identify and evaluate the processes key to delivering on the stated purpose.

“We cannot put good people in bad processes, or we will lose them.”


Planning when and how each activity for a service will be performed.

“You cannot improve upon an un-scheduled, non-stardardized activity.”


Knowing the scheduled activities and tasks are performed, and continually improved.

“You cannot improve upon an un-scheduled, non-stardardized activity.”


Knowing the level of performance and quality for all completed scheduled activities and tasks.

“In order to recognize performance you must inspect. recognition without inspection is superficial and demeaning.”


Performing incremental course corrections to balance what is, to what has been targeted.

“In order to cultivate initiative, we need to nurtue and embrace problem solving.”