Part 1| Purpose | “Why”

Every decision to outsource a service has a purpose, a business reason for “why” particular activities are being outsourced. It is critical for an inside-outsourcing service provider to figure out why specified services and activities are being outsourced.

Understanding the strategic reason(s), behind our customers desire to outsource and why we are the solution?

“WE need to define “our” target customer in order to focus our business.”


Clearly understanding and stating what is unique about our services, and how they are better?

“We need to define our key services, far better than others.”


Explaining how the essential qualities of our key services, translate into value for our customer?

“If we cannot explain our Value, our price will be based off our cost.”


Clearly stating how the customer will numberically measure the delivery and value of our services.

“To meet the expectations, we must understand the expectations.”


Revisit, the strategic reason(s), behind our customers continued desire to outsource, and how we position ourselves, to remain the value added, solution?

“We cannnot partner with our customer, if we’re not aligned to their changing needs.”